Extended Data Solutions Technology Suite

Extended Data Solutions’ technologies encompasses a suite of revolutionary, award winning, patented components. All platforms are managed in a Tier 4 Data Center situated directly on a coast-to-coast fiber optic network, and scale massively through our cloud-based architecture. The PersoniCom and Votilogy infrastructures are capable of generating and delivering hundreds of millions of messages each day across a variety of mediums and target devices.


Data and Content Services

The key to accurate personalization and targeting is data. Extended Data Solutions’ data and content platform transforms massive customer and user lists into powerful databases of value added content. The service accepts raw data in a variety of formats, executes clean-up and formatting procedures, and prepares the recipient data for analysis, ranking and message delivery. The services also manage the message content files – including audio and video media, images and variable text blocks.

Media Studio

The Digital Video and Voice Studio produce personalized messages which rival the quality of the best professional sound and video studio recordings. Voice-only recordings are accomplished using our fully remote dial-in system. Video and combined audio/video campaigns are shot on location, or using one of our state of the art production studios. Media editing and clean-up procedures ensure your resulting PersoniCom and Votilogy messages look and sound incredibly clean and seamless!

Telephone Delivery Engine

The Telephone Delivery Engine produces personalized, Variable Voice™ messages on the fly, and delivers specific message content based on each answer environment – whether it be a live answer at home, a telephone answer in a noisy environment or a voice mail system. Messages can be delivered to an extremely high-volume of telephone devices based on a schedule that you define. Whether it be an “event-driven” telephone message pushed out to individual consumers based on a website button click, or a mass broadcast to tens of millions of opt-in recipients, the Extended Data Solutions Telephone Delivery Engine delivers.

Social Media Integration

PersoniCom and Votilogy integrate with leading social media platforms to enable permissions-based data access, producing highly targeted messages for individual users based on demographics, Likes and Networks. Friend-to-Friend messaging and app sharing via Tweets and Posts creates highly viral social communication opportunities.

Corporate Database Integration

CRM, accounting and transaction systems feed information from internal organization databases to the Extended Data Solutions platform, which is capable of integrating with a variety of standards. PersoniCom and Votilogy translate user codes to anonymous, non-identifiable program variables to produce the desired video or audio messages on the fly.

Web Services Delivery Engine

Website events such as clicking a “Submit” button or sending a text message to a short code, trigger the site to pass visitor specific information to Extended Data Solutions via web-services. The personalized message can immediately stream the voice or video content to the target device, be it a mobile phone, tablet, web browser or even video monitors in live events and exhibition halls.

Email and SMS URL Service

The PersoniCom and Votilogy URL Services work with the Data and Content Services to generate recipient-specific URL’s which are included in one-off or mass email or SMS message campaigns. The URL directs the recipient to a customer-specific landing page, which plays the PersoniCom personalized message on the target device.

Media Concatenation

Media Concatenation Services make variable data video and audio messaging possible. Working in conjunction with the Data and Content Services, each recipient data element is analyzed, corresponding media files are identified and combined into a single, seamless, realistic, highly-targeted personalized rich media messages…all within a fraction of a second.

Advanced Analytics

Extended Data Solutions enables real time advanced analytics and reporting services to understand the intricacies of all variable data media program results. Statistics, graphs and raw data files are made available through each customer specific web portal.

Professional Services

Our team of passionate professionals specializing in database management and integration, software development, video and audio editing and media production works closely with the Extended Data Solutions technology elements (which, in many cases, they personally helped develop). We have a deep level of skill in a variety of areas and our team works with client organizations to design and develop the exact solution implementation – including custom developed features – suited to customer requirements.

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