PersoniCom is a revolutionary variable data video and variable data voice platform, enabling organizations to reach every customer personally, with rich media messages targeted specifically to each recipient. Each message is unique and provides targeted information to each recipient, enabling them to make decisions and take action.

PersoniCom messages can be delivered via the web, email, social networking sites like Facebook, embedded in rich-media mailers, or on web-connected screens in exhibition halls and event settings.

Leading organizations in a variety of industries have deployed PersoniCom messaging campaigns, including those in healthcare, insurance and financial services, consumer products, advertising and media, sports and entertainment and charitable organizations.

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Votilogy combines the power of variable data media communications with micro-targeting techniques designed to identify, target and motivate voters and constituents.

Voters are a lot like customers. In order to keep them interested and help them make the right decisions, you need to connect personally. Votilogy has been used by political organizations at all levels – from city councilmen to United States Presidential candidates – to deliver highly targeted, personalized messages to each household, donor and voter that needs to act. Election times are hectic and the messaging landscape is cluttered with endless political TV ads, mailers and robo-calls. Only Votilogy delivers information that is truly relevant to each recipient, leading to the higher listen rates, view rates and response rates that create a proven path to victory.

Micro-targeted Votilogy messages can be delivered in an extremely high volume via telephone, the web, email and social networking sites, as well as embedded in rich-media political mailers.

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SalesAnalyzer is a cloud-based business intelligence tool designed specifically for sales representatives and managers. Unlike many report-building platforms, SalesAnalyzer requires absolutely no technical expertise. So, you get all the power of advanced analytics in easy to use Excel format! can be configured to integrate with leading corporate CRM and financial databases, as well as third-party data sources.

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